Tiny Talk Tuesday with Angela Sunde

G’day Mate. I’m talking down under today!

My tiny talk this morning is with Angela Sunde. I read about this Aussie author from another blog site. She loves to inspire the imaginations of children by showing them how to uncover magic and humour in daily life. Her light-hearted fantasy novel, SNAP MAGIC, caught my attention. It’s a bewitchingly funny coming-­of-age story about secrets, bullies and pumpkin soup. What 9-12 year olds wouldn’t want to read about that? The story idea came from Angela’s own recollections as a tween. This book is being released at the end of this month. I’m sure my niece will love it.

It was a pleasure interviewing my new Aussie friend. I wish her much success with this novel.

Angela Sunde

ME: Tell us something that has been in the vault. Something hardly anyone knows about you.

ANGELA: I’m bilingual from birth (English and Croatian) and learnt three more languages at school (German, French, Spanish), going on to study them at university. I ended up speaking five and have spent most of my working life as a teacher of German in secondary and elementary schools. Becoming a children’s author and illustrator has been a change of direction in my life. I’m loving it!

ME: Finish this sentence. A perfect day would involve . . . 

ANGELA: . . .sleeping in till I am ‘all slept out’; followed by a breakfast of smoked salmon and poached eggs hollandaise at my favourite beach cafe ‘The Beach Shack’ at Currumbin, Gold Coast; a walk with my husband along the esplanade watching the surfers at The Alley; and then curled up with a book on the veranda in the hammock.

ME: Australia is on my bucket list. I hope ‘The Beach Shack’ will still be there, sounds yummy.

ME: Are you a Pantser or a Plotter when you write a story?

ANGELA: I do both. I write a skeleton plot after mind-mapping ideas, then begin to write the first draft. When I get stuck, as I inevitably do, I stop and plan in more detail, writing scene summaries. I find these keep me on track, without hindering my creativity. Perhaps that makes me a plotter.

ME: If you can spend a day with one of your book characters who would it be, and why?

ANGELA: It would be Mrs. Swan, the old witch who lives next door to my main character Lily (12 years). Mrs. Swan is sprightly for her age, very wise and old school. She likes to potter in her magical permaculture garden, though her magic skills can be a bit rusty at times. You just know that if Mrs. Swan’s involved, something will invariably go wrong for Lily. And it does.

ME: She sounds like an interesting character. Someone I’d like to meet.

ME: What genre have you not written in, but would love to try?

ANGELA: Perhaps Young Adult, though it might be difficult for me to return to this time in my life, to find my young adult voice and dig up memories. My father died when I was 18 and my optimism and joy for life was buried with him for many years. I have written some YA short stories recently and hope to write more.

ME: Well, I’m sure if you wrote one it’d be wonderful. Thanks so much for being part of my blog. Maybe someday you can come back and we can chat some more. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday with Angela Sunde

  1. Hi Maria, Thank you so much for inviting me to chat with you on Tiny Talk Tuesday. I’ve just returned home from a relaxing retreat in the beautiful Blue Mts of New South Wales (with no internet) where I was Illustrator in Residence at Pinerolo Children’s Book Cottage. I was literally surrounded by thousands of Australian picture books and original artworks by the likes of Stephen Michael King. It was an inspiring time for me and just a bit intimidating. I hope you’re well.


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