Tiny Talk Tuesday with . . . Doris Fisher


Doris started writing 15 years ago and her hard work paid off. I was privileged to see her accept her 2014 Crystal Kite Award in the Texas and Oklahoma Division during one of our monthly SCBWI Houston meetings. There she told her humble story about her journey as a writer. Her book, Army Camels: Texas Ships of the Desert tells the amazing story of camels sailing to Texas to open up the west. I found Doris’ book on the shelf at a local book store. I was intrigued in the camels journey.

Next we’ll learn a bit more about Doris.

ME: Do you have a special talent?

DORIS: What an interesting question to answer! Talent has many meanings 🙂  I know I can do any needlework…sewing, crocheting , embroidery, crewel, you name it! I can raise one eyebrow, and am a school spelling champion…but I could not attend the city (Tulsa,OK) spelling bee because I came down with appendicitis and ended up in the hospital with an emergency appendectomy! It was quite a surprise to the runner up who had to represent our school in my place!

ME: I’ve seen your craftiness on your website with those adorable bracelets. Bummer about the spelling bee.

ME: Plane, train or automobile?

DORIS: I’ll take a plane to Alaska or Hawaii, a train from Durango to Silverton, CO and an automobile on a Texas trip.

ME: You’re one versatile woman.

ME: What genre have you not written in, but would love to write?

DORIS: Actually I’m quite happy with picture books. I do not want to ever, ever write a novel!!! But I also write for magazines with published poetry and games, as well as nonfiction articles. Probably 100 published items of various lengths by now … My poem in Babybug had 17 words. But please don’t make me write chapters!!!

ME: I bet if you wrote a novel it’d be great!

ME: Describe your writing style?

DORIS: I write in the afternoons, after I finish other daily chores. I try not to be interrupted. I like a block of time. I often come up with titles and then start a book from that idea. I have books published in rhyme, but boy is that hard. Not sure if I’d start another rhyming book. I have a few others written in rhyme that I’m submitting now. And I’m always submitting. As a writing teacher said…No one will coming knocking on your door and say…”Let me see that manuscript you just wrote.” You have to get your work out to critique groups and editors. A writer wears many hats!

ME: You got a good little routine going and it’s working for you.

ME: If you had the opportunity to be a book character who would you be and why?

DORIS: Winnie-the-Pooh sounds like a good answer to me. He eats honey, has devoted friends, sleeps a lot, has parties, and lives in a forest where he has plenty of time to play outside!

ME: Who wouldn’t love that?

Thank you, Doris for giving me the time out of your busy day. I look forward to reading your next book.

You can learn more about Doris on her website. Her books can be found in your local bookstore and Amazon.


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