My 2014 Thankful List

I’m thankful . . .

For the Baristas that keep me caffeinated so I can write for hours.

For Crockett who believes my writing is my career not a hobby.

For my teenagers who put up with my, “Not now, I’m in the middle of writing a good part.”

For my critique partners/friend, Katy Kritique. They pick me up when I’m down, and cheer me on when I’m at my best. And not to mention the multiple times they’ve had to endure critiquing the same manuscript.

For my friends and family who are my avid cheerleaders, whether I’m published or not.

For my SCBWI Houston chapter. They are a supportive bunch.

For the SCBWI Listserve that hosts chuck-full of informative posts.

For my Twitter followers. I look forward to the retweets/favorites, and most of all getting to know them.

For my writing desk where hopefully the next NY Times Bestseller will come from.

For those that have given me a “yes” to my interview requests for Tiny Talk Tuesday. (Btw-I have amazing people in my future line up)

For the agents/editors who have rejected my manuscripts in the past and present. To know that I’ve made it through the slush pile makes me smile. It gives me the push to work harder.

For those who take the time to read this blog. And all that have decided to subscribe to it.

May you all have the most wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Be well.


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