Tiny Talk Tuesday with . . . Mandy McGinnis

I was introduced to Mindy by a critique partner of mine. She knew I liked to hunt and thought, NOT A DROP TO DRINK would be right up my alley. She nailed it. I didn’t think I’d ever get into a dystopian novel (my critique partner favors). But this environmental futuristic story where water is worth more than gold. The teenage character Lynn is a strong female who learned how to defend the family pond and how to survive on instinct. I truly enjoyed the read and the fluidity of Mindy’s characters. I thought it would be a miss if I didn’t get to interview Mindy. Her next book IN A HANDFUL OF DUST sits on my night stand.

Mindy McGinnis is an assistant YA librarian who lives in Ohio and cans her own food. Mindy runs a blog for aspiring writers by featuring interviews with agents, established authors, and debut authors. Check her out at http://www.mindymcginnis.com.

Now for the “tiny talk.”

ME: Tell us something that has been in the vault. Something hardly anyone knows about you.

MANDY: That’s a hard one because I’m an extreme extrovert. Um… I wax my eyebrows a lot.

ME: How do you want to be remembered?

MANDY: As an example that you can be kickass and tough without being mean.

ME: I love hanging with people like that. I’m one of them.

ME: Are you a Pantser or a Plotter?

MANDY: Pantser all the way.

ME: If you could sit and have a drink with famous author dead or alive who would it be, and why?

MANDY: Percy Bysshe Shelley because I think he was a dick to his wife and needs a comeuppance.

ME: Who influenced your writing career/passion?

MANDY: No one really. I’m pretty self-driven.

ME: I definitely saw a lot of that in your lead character, Lynn, in NOT A DROP TO DRINK.

I want to thank Mindy for taking the time to answer a few questions. I look forward to more dystopian (I never thought I’d ever say that). I truly enjoyed it. Good luck in everything you do.


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