Tiny Talk Tuesday with . . . E.B. Lewis!

lewis I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet E.B. Lewis at a LA conference. His work in watercolor is wonderfully rich in detail and expressive.

E.B. Lewis has illustrated sixty-five books for children. Yowsah! Lewis displayed artistic promise as early as third grade. He attended Temple University Tyler School of Art where he discovered his love for working with watercolors. In 1992, he began painting illustrations for the book, Fire on the Mountain, and his career as an “Artistrator” was launched.  E.B. Lewis has received numerous awards, including a 2003 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award Winner for Talkin’ About Bessie; a 2009 Coretta Scott King Honor Award for The Bat Boy and Circle-Cover-353x400His Violin; a 2005 Caldecott Honor for Coming on Home Soon; and a 2009 Coretta Scott King Honor Award for The Negro Speaks of Rivers. He won the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award in 2003.

His work is owned by numerous private collectors and sold by art galleries throughout the United States. His most recent book is Jacqueline Woodson’s, Each Kindness. You can find him at http://www.eblewis.com.

I hope you enjoy this special “tiny” talk.

ME: Finish this sentence. A perfect day would involve . . .

E.B. : Walking along the Seine river, with a special friend.

ME: Tell us something that has been in the vault. Something hardly anyone knows about you.

E.B. : Not ready to reveal those secrets, that’s why they’re in the vault.

ME: Describe your illustrating style.

E.B.: Poetic

ME: If you could sit and have a drink with famous artist/illustrator dead or alive who would it be, and why?

E.B. : Picasso. I’ve always loved is approach to art. He used his work to express what he felt about life.

ME: Who influenced your illustrating career/passion?

E.B. : Every artist I’ve come in contact with, both dead and alive in every genre.

It was my pleasure to interview E.B. Lewis. I thank you for taking the time to chat. I look forward to seeing more of your brilliant illustrations in the near future.


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