A Serendipity Moment

In Georgia for husband’s work event. For me, it’s about getting some R & R. I just finished the SCBWI conference in Houston. I was disappointed I didn’t pitch to an agent or editor. But to get a moment was tough. Like I tweeted, to steal a moment was like a scene from the Bachelor, brutal. I had a great critique on my Young Adult novel, and I was ecstatic that I was chosen for First Look. I got some great feedback. Like always, I met great people but left heart heavy. No one heard my pitch. 

Days later, now in Georgia, I had a Cardinal eating off my plate (check my twitter). People said “get a lottery ticket.”

This morning, I picked up my Starbucks and breakfast. I was going to eat inside, but noticed the upper porch. It was too beautiful not to sit outside. 

While sitting there another cardinal shared my breakfast. A woman and her daughter were sitting close by. The woman and I chatted about the bird. She was easy to talk to. It was a natural connection. We chatted about the spa and her love for Georgia. She then said that she’s “in the publishing business.” I was like “no way me too!” She asked what I did. I said I was an author. She proceeded to tell me she’s  Deidra Knight, a literary agent! I felt as if I was dreaming. 

She asked me what I write. I told her. She told me about her agency. She then joked and said “Okay, let’s hear your elevator pitch.” This was it. I gave my ine liner for my YA. She said, “That was an excellent pitch!” Immediately she said, “I want to see it.” My insides were screaming, “Hot diggity!” She’s also interested in hearing more of my work. 

I mean what were the chances? It’s like love. When you’re not looking for it, bam!

Even if nothing comes of this, just this Serendipity moment was worth all the time I put into this career.

So the moral of the story is, be nice. You’ll never know who might meet at any given moment. Oh, and watch for those Cardinals.  They carry a pretty hefty message, so make sure you listen. 




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