Tiny Talk Tuesday with . . . Rebecca Nolen

61VmrvliHfL__UX250_I first met Rebecca through SCBWI Houston. She was sweet, full of energy and easy to talk to. I now have the pleasure of working side by side with her with the Houston Writers Guild where she serves as President.

Her Historical Fantasy, THEY DRY, released in 2013, got rave reviews. The Dry is a children’s historical fantasy that combines the awful truths of the mining world in 1895 West Virginia with an adventure story about a boy who goes on a 51CGsfAq1dL__AA160_search for his father and discovers a world underground overrun with giant insects. Some insects are good, some are bad, and some are plain ugly. A blend of fiction and non-fiction that is designed to educate in a delightfully entertaining way.

Deadly Thyme, released in 2014, is an adult psychological suspense set in a sleepy seaside village of North Cornwall where a girl has disappeared. The villagers are keeping secrets. One of them is deadly.

She writes children’s books as Rebecca Nolen and adult books as R.L. Nolen. Rebecca Nolen is a native Houstonian. She loves to write and can be found at any given time at the top of the stairs pounding away at the keyboard or in the kitchen searching the inside of the refrigerator for inspiration.

You can find her work on Amazon and all social media. She has some pretty spooky/mysterious instagram pictures.

And now for the “tiny” interview. Enjoy!

ME: Do you have a nickname?

REBECCA: My answer has to do with my age. When I was a girl, all the “cool” girls had nicknames like “Debs” “DeeDee” or “Peg”. Then nicknames had to do with nature like “Moon” and “Star”. I always wanted a cool nickname but none stuck. My secret wish at the time was that someone would nickname me “Bubbles”. Yes. I know, porn star. Ha. Ha.

ME: Oh my gosh, I swear I wanted mine to be Bunny, lol.

ME: What is your greatest accomplishment?

REBECCA: First, I birthed two children and stayed home with them for some years. The hardest job in the world is being a mom. I applaud all moms. I wish I could take all the credit for the great people my two turned out to be, but I have to give some credit to my husband because he was there, too. Second, I have birthed two novels. It was a long and occasionally tortuous process, but here they are in the world. Please love them.

ME: You have a lot to be proud of.

ME: What is your writing style?

REBECCA: My writing style is haphazard. When I am writing a novel, I sit down and write until I fall over. But I often write blogs – and those are never planned. They happen on the way to doing something else.

ME: What book character would you be and why?

REBECCA: When I was little two of my favorite authors was Arther Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling. I wanted to be Tarzan because he was strong and able to figure things out to get things done. I also loved Kip. He was courageous, adventurous and curious. Never mind that they were boys, I never dreamed “girlie”. What I think I turned out to be is Winnie-the-Pooh. He says, (and I’m paraphrasing) that a thing when it’s inside you is truly a thing, until it gets out and then it doesn’t seem to be the thing you thought it was at all. This is what I’m thinking while composing my first drafts. I also see myself as more simple-minded about life than I was when I was a younger “serious” person.

ME: Are you a “pantser” or a “plotter” when you write?

REBECCA: My writing style was that I sat down and wrote and wrote and hoped I would get to a place where all that I wrote worked together and made sense. After two novels written in this “pantser” fashion I now know that I will use a plan and a rough outline from now on. So now, I’m a plotter.

It was a pleasure to interview you, Rebecca. I hope to see a next novel out shortly. Keep up the great work.

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