Tiny Talk Tuesday With . . . Michelle Bradford

michelleMichelle Bradford is an entrepreneur, author, writer, teacher, storyteller, artist, designer, and life-long learner. Her motivations are children’s books, publishing, and design. Her concentrations are character-driven fiction, creative nonfiction, web brand content and UX. In summary, Michelle’s goals are literacy for everyone and entrepreneurship to promote the aforementioned.

Now let’s check in and learn more about Michelle in our Tiny Talk.

ME: How do you want to be remembered?

MICHELLE: I would like to be remembered as a writer who boldly wore her heart on her sleeve; as a person who reached out her hand to the poor and generously contributed to literacy through children’s books; as a wife and mother who established an inheritance of love and faith and hope for many generations; as a builder of bridges between people and situations and opportunities; as a creative design mentor.


ME: Finish this sentence. A perfect day would involve . . .

MICHELLE: A perfect day would involve, reading my debut picture book aloud to my family, and then to my dear friends’ third-grade class, and lastly, to mail many copies of that same book to an orphanage I have a heart for in South America.

ME: Super sweet.


ME: If you took your street name and the name of your first pet (or visa versa), what would your nickname be?

MICHELLE: Great question Maria…Quip Wilson is also the name of an untamed, rowdy, gerbil character in a PB I have recently revised and is almost ready for submission. Quip knows where he wants to be, but how he gets there is undisciplined and rough. He never gives up…but will he make it?

ME: Wow, a great name at that!

ME: Tell us in five words that describe you as a writer. 

MICHELLE: Writing is an everyday celebration.


ME: Are you a Pantser or a Plotter?

MICHELLE: This of course depends on what I am writing. For children’s fiction, I am a Pantser-Percolator. For non-fiction, I am a Pantser-Percolating-Researcher. And for content development, I am definitely a Plotter-Pantser-Percolator. Okay, because of my process I need to add percolator, a name I picked up from NaNoWrMo. So I guess I’m either Type-A or an excited caffeinated writer…let the readers decide. 🙂

ME: If you could sit and have a drink/coffee with a famous author whom would it be and why?

MICHELLE: It’s a tie. Since I have had the privilege of enjoying tea and photographs with Jane Yolen at a recent SCBWI conference, most definitely, Holly Hobbie. I own many new and vintage books of hers. As a child growing up, I frequented our Public Library Book Mobile and didn’t own many books of my own, except hers. I read them to my own children as they grew up, and to children I babysat as a teen. Mostly though, she is a storyteller genius with the beautiful ability to complete her story with art. She has graciously reinvented herself (over and over again) as a timeless treasure to the joy of reading, and therefore, made a huge literacy impact on the whole world. I adore her.

ME: Oh, my! I haven’t heard that name since I was in high school. Brings back great little bonnet memories on binders.


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