I Wanted It. I Sought It. I Got It.

I had planned to talk about building your brand and platform in today’s blog post. Then in the beginning of last week, a once in a lifetime event happened to me. One right after the other.

I mentioned to the people in my life that I had to get in the media. Somehow make a name for myself.

Out of the blue, I received a call from Houston Chronicle, a major Texas newspaper, BookCoverImagewanting to do a article on me. It blew my mind. Me! A blip on the screen. The reporter and I talked for an hour about my book, My Big Tree and a lot about my blended family book, Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four. We discussed the plans I had for the National Step Family Celebration in my hometown. By the end of the week, a photographer was in my house taking a photo shoot of me.

The following day I get an email from a major news station, Fox 26 Houston. That blew my mind even more. The next morning a camera was sitting in my study. Amanda Watkins asked me questions about my life as a writer and my presence on social media. It was amazing that I was sitting across from a woman that had been interviewing people for over 20 years. That night I had a real interview segment on television. Ms. Watkins stated, “Maria Ashworth is making a

img264 (2)name for herself…” There it was. Someone saw me trying to make a name for myself. My daughter and I jumped up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise.

Soon after, people started recognizing me around Houston. It was all too surreal. A high that I didn’t want to lose. I knew in the near future it’ll dwindle down to feeling like the day after Christmas. I opened presents that I thought I’d never receive. For now I’m enjoying the ride.

So since my debut of my first picture book, January 2016, I have made it onto radio, podcast, television and paper. You might ask how did this all happen? I’m no celebrity. I know no one. I’m just an unknown writer trying to make it big in this world. I worked my butt off by connecting. Making contacts, soliciting, bartering and getting myself out there. I didn’t wait for it to land in my lap. I didn’t say I’ll do it tomorrow. If I waited until tomorrow someone would’ve already snagged my spot today. I didn’t worry about asking the question. I had a 50/50 chance of saying yes. I’ve heard ‘no’ a lot in my life. When I get those it makes me go out and prove they should’ve said yes.

I wanted it. I sought it. I got it.


3 thoughts on “I Wanted It. I Sought It. I Got It.

  1. You are so inspirational for me!!! Your story has me so excited for my book to come out. I want to get out there and make a name for myself, just like you did. You worked for it, and you made it happen! I’ve got chills!


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