School Visits

Weeks before I was sweating bullets about the all day visit to an elementary school in Houston area. I felt like I do when I know I’m going to the dentist. It’s not so much being in front of the kids or reading my books. Someone was now paying me to speak. To talk about a subject that would entertain each grade level for an hour. Could I do it? Could I do it for an hour? What if I sucked? Teachers talk. Schools talk? I’m doomed. pencil-04

I got up and I still had a lot of worry. What if the kids started yawning in my face? What if they announced they’re bored? Eek! I got some caffeine in my system and a muffin for endurance. I got to the school and was welcomed by the staff. The librarian positioned me in the music room. My schedule was back to back classes from K-5th grade. The teacher said, “No bathroom breaks. It is literally back to back classes. Go now.” All of a sudden I have bladder issues.

Once the fifth graders came in, three classes worth, my nerves disappeared. I felt like I was back home. Back to my teaching days. One class after the other. Boom, boom, boom. I had so much material I had to run through some of my items. bookworm

While the thought of a looming check was coming my way it wasn’t what drove me through my day six hours. I LOVED being in front of the kids. I loved inspiring them. I loved the look in their eyes. If I inspired one of them I did my job. Before I left the teacher said, “This was awesome.” I scratched doomed off my credentials.


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