Interview With Iggy Loo


Me: Good afternoon, Iggy. How are you doing?

Iggy: It’s a little warm in here but it’ll do.

ME: Well let’s get right to business. I read your story and I fell in love.

[penguin blushes] Thank you

Me: The illustrations by Sunny Choi were warm and beautiful.

Iggy: She really captured the feeling of the story with her illustrations. She really brought out my eyes.   

Me: You’re name is quite original. How did you get the name Iggy Loo?

Iggy: When the redhead learned to talk she could only say a few words. She had a tough time pronouncing Igloo so every time she tried it would come out Iggy Loo. Every year I thought she was interested in my Igloo but she’d point to me and call me Iggy Loo. The name stuck. I couldn’t see being called anything else.

Me: You and the little girl come from two different worlds.  You live in a glass dome. How did both of you form such a solid relationship while living in two different worlds?

Iggy: In the beginning she would talk through the glass. I couldn’t understand much. Then when she started getting older she would tell me things about her doll, she hated broccoli and she doesn’t like going to bed. Then one day it happened. She said, I wuv you, Iggy Loo.” That was when I felt my heart ache. I knew what love was at that moment.

Me: Why did you want so much to be outside your snow globe?

Iggy: I thought my life would be better outside my globe. Thinking I was missing something. I wanted to find something greater. I thought “things” would make me happy. But nothing compared to being loved by the little redhead.

Me: I read now you found another special friend?

Iggy: Yes. [Iggy smiles] He reminds me so much of the days with the little redhead. Now when he calls my name I fall in love all over again.

Me: I heard you’re going on tour. Can you tell me about it?

Iggy: It’s called “Road To Reviews.” I’m going to be visiting 15 states. One state a day starting November 1st when my book debuts all over the world. I’ll cross the entire United States in two weeks. I’ll stop in each state and tell the reader something special about my visit. During my stop a mom, dad, librarian or blogger will review my book, Iggy Loo. It’s going to be magnificent.

Me: That sounds like fun! Where will your first visit be?

Iggy: My first stop, the Big Apple!

Me: I look forward to reading more about you and the reviews starting tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by and doing the interview.

Iggy: Did you really think I’d “flake” on you. Ha! Get it?


2 thoughts on “Interview With Iggy Loo

  1. This book sounds so cute! I am madly in love with penguins and Iggy Loo is just the cutest. I can’t wait to read it and review it on Amazon. 🙂 Congrats on another book coming out! So exciting!


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