“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 1

p6Welcome to the first day of my reviews. We’re here in the Big Apple state. There’s so much to do here. I have already eaten a steamed hot dog. They like to call it frankfurter here. This morning I had a fresh bagel and the bakery person told me eating a New York bagel is equivalent to eating one-quarter to one-half a loaf of bread. Who cares I’m not dieting. My favorite of course was the chocolate Italian ice.

I spent my day in Times Square where the lights never go out. This is where the ball drops every New Years Eve. Boy was it busy. I rode the ferry to see the Stature of Liberty.Then I went all the way to the top of the Empire State building. Did you know it has its own zip code?
And Joseph C. Gayetty invented the toilet paper here in 1857.

After a full day I stopped in Grand Island where Erin, @librarianerin_ graciously gave me a review of my new holiday book, Iggy Loo. Check it out at www.thelikeablelibrarian.com. Enjoy!

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99


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