“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 3

pg-34I made it to Virginia. They say it’s the state for lovers. Maybe I’ll meet my girlfriend here. You know I had to make my first stop at the Virginia Aquarium. They have hands on exhibits, a nature path and marshlands. I had to have a little fun and ride the Anaconda coaster at Kings Dominion. Whew, what a

Did you know Virginia has produced more U.S. presidents than any other sate in the United States. The first peanuts grown in the United States were grown in Virginia. And the first Thanksgiving in North America was held in Virginia in 1619.

Before going for a nap I checked in with my next reviewer Jody, @jodycalkins. Check out what she had to say on my new book, Iggy Loo.

Jody writes: Iggy Loo by Maria Ashworth is a heartwarming holiday tale of a little snow globe penguin longing to experience the wonders of life on the other side of the glass. This children’s picture book is wonderfully written and illustrated to capture the heart and longing of this sweet penguin. Children will fall in love with Iggy Loo as they join him on his new journey. Iggy Loo is sure to be a holiday favorite for young children everywhere.

Jody Calkins
Freelance Writer & Editor
Emery Road Writing Services, LLC

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99



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