“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 5

p6This morning I headed out to Atlanta, Georgia. Even though Georgia is known as the “peach state” it’s the not the largest producer of peaches. Georgia is know for its largest production of peanuts and  pecans.

Georgia has seven official natural wonders: Amicalola Falls, the Okefenokee Swamp, Providence Canyon, Radium Springs, Stone Mountain, Tallulah Gorge and Warm Springs.

I took in a movie in the world’s largest drive-in called The Varsity. On a busy day they can have over 300,000 people visit. A dose of Happy Feet never gets old.

Afterwards I visited the zoo. Took in a hay ride, ran through a corn maze and picked a pumpkin at Southern Bell Farm.  At The Rock Ranch I took a locomotive train ride, zip lined and walked through a miniature kid town. Perfect for penguins my size.

I ended my time here is Atlanta with listening to my review of Iggy Loo from Amber, www.chinupmom.com@ChinUpMom

Next stop, Savannah, Georgia.

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