“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 7

p15Florida is know for being the home of Walt Disney World, the National Naval Aviation Museum and The Kennedy Space Center. So I thought I’d take you  Gatorland. It opened in 1949 and is considered one of Orlando’s best half-day attraction. When you arrive you enter through the mouth of a gator. Not a real one of course. You can wrestle and alligator, or be a trainer-for-a-day. I preferred to be part of the audience. Here they house the extremely rare”white” alligators.

I had to visit and tour the house of Ernest Hemingway’s. His house is furnished withhemingway_realax_198_325_s_cy_c_c_0_0_100_bor1_c3b8a5 European antiques. There are six-toed cats still lurking about Hemingway’s home. They are to be the decedents of the cat that
was given to him by a merchant sea captain.gatorland-mouth

Finally, I got to sit down with my new friend Amber from www.theovereducatedmother.com,  @overeducatedmom. I can’t wait to hear her review of my new holiday book, Iggy Loo.

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99


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