“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 8

redheadHit the road today and ended up in NOLA. That’s Louisiana. My first stop, The French Quarter where I’m going to dive in for some Cajun and creole food. Then finishing off a plate of Beignets. Then I head to the famous Jackson street where it has the best people watching anywhere. The street performers like human statues to musicians entertain the visitors.  I visited the Old U.S. mint where it is the only building in America that has acted with the United States and Confederate Mint.

One of the biggest holidays in New Orleans is Mardi Gras. First held in 1857. Purple, green and gold were chosen as the colors of Mardi Gras was chosen when a Russian Granmaskstored Duke visited. Purple represents justice. Green represents faith. Gold represents power. Since there are 120 days left until Mardi Gras I should come back and relish in the festivities.

But for now I’m going to enjoy my review with my new friend Lesley, @reviewin_Life, www.thecajunhippiemomma.com on my holiday book, Iggy Loo. 

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