Tiny Talk Tuesday with . . . Sean Fay Wolfe

seanWhile Sean may look like the average teenage, he has a lot more hidden behind that face. I learned of Sean’s early success through my weekly email from Publishers Weekly. I read the amazing story about this Seventeen-year-old, a senior in Rhode Island, who is now an experienced, sought out writer.  Wolfe is the self-published author of the Elementia Chronicles, a fan fiction trilogy based on the popular game, Minecraft, and he is about to release book two.

Wolfe’s trilogy is set in the world of the Minecraft where it focuses on three new Minecraft users who become friends: Stan, Charlie, and Kat. When the trio stands up to the prejudice that they see against new players on the server, they end up in a race against the perils of Minecraft, the forces of Elementia’s king, and the mysterious Mr. A. He was in ninth grade when he worked on his first novel, Quest for Justice. The second volume, Noctem Ascension, will debut in December or early next year. The trilogy closes with Herobrine’s Message, slated for late 2015.

His parents had a lot of faith in his work and helped get his books in the hands of Minecraft fanatics. They helped with editing, book trailer, website and publishing.

Sean is a four-time All-State viola player, who holds a second-degree black belt in karate. You can check Sean out at www.sfaywolfe.com.minecraft

Let’s get to know a “tiny” bit more about Sean.

ME: Tell us something that has been in the vault. Something hardly anyone knows about you.

SEAN: Besides writing full-time, my second career choice is elementary education.
ME: Hey, I was an elementary teacher. These kids need more great male teachers. And an author also. The kids will love you!

Me: Finish this sentence. A perfect day would involve . . .

SEAN: A perfect day would involve a day at home, able to write all day with no distractions and no difficulty with the writing process.
ME: Now I would’ve thought you would’ve said, at home playing Minecraft.

ME: Who influenced your writing? A family member? Something you were born with?

SEAN: I’ve always been a very creative person, both coming up with original ideas and coming up with my own content based on existing things. When I was in Elementary School, I would write stories in the back of my notebooks, and draw original Pokemon cards of my own (I was really into the trading card game back then). I did have encouragement from my teachers and especially my parents over the years, but love of creativity and writing is something I always have had.

ME: If you could spend the day with another author who would it be and why?

SEAN: If I could, I would spend the day with J.K. Rowling. I have a lot of respect and admiration for her as an author, as I find that her style of writing is very similar to mine.
ME: Where do you see yourself as a writer ten years from now?

SEAN: Ten years from now, I hope to have published various successful series including and outside of the Elementia Chronicles, and be able to write full time.

ME: Every authors dream!

Thank you so much, Sean for giving me the opportunity to interview. While I’m not a Minecraft fanatic, I’m sure my kids and others alike will eat your series up. Keep up the great work. You have plenty more years ahead of you which will bring you oodles of more ideas for more stories. Keep living your dream.