A Time For Thanks

Like many I have been blessed this year.

I’m thankful for…

…my families constant support. For my husband who always sees my potential and tells me all the time how proud he is of me. To my children who inspire me. There have been so many times lately when they do without me. They understand when I cannot be there because of my weekend book signings and events. For their unconditional love I am thankful.

…my critique group who have been in my life for almost a decade. They are my weekly support system when I am in doubt of my work. I can count on them for encouragement, to listen and make me a better writer. They are like my extended family. I don’t know what I’d do without them. For their dedication I am thankful.

….my social media connections and friends. It’s my forum to vent, laugh and share. When I’m having a horrible day there is a word of encouragement. When I have something terrific to share someone is adding an emoji or a word of kudos. I don’t know 34,000 people and yet they still connect at one time or another. For my friends on these sites. You are consistent supporters of my work. I know some days you must hate seeing me once again in your feed. For their friendship and tolerance I am thankful.

…for my publisher who took a chance on me. Who believed my stories needed to be published. Who takes the time to answer my million and one emails. With that I hope to make Clear Fork Publishing rich someday! For their patience and open-mindedness I am thankful.

…for my illustrators who brought life to my characters. Andreea who made the characters of Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four memorable. Bailey’s darling drawings in My Big Tree delights me every time I read the book. She even made a snakes lovable. Sunny’s adorable penguin. Iggy Loo warms my heart every time I look at him. He’s going to be on my Christmas card this year! For their wonderful talent I am thankful.

…for my faith that gives me the strength to overcome my struggles and help me see my worth. For this I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!



“Road To Reviews,”Iggy Loo, Day 13


Here I am in Oregon! Not only was there a crater moon in Idaho but there is a crater lake in Oregon.This happened from a collapse of a volcano 7,700 years ago. It’s the deepest lake in the USA fed by rain and snow.

With my travels I thought it’d be appropriate to stop at Lewis and Clark’s National & State Historical Park. Then I explored the Sea Lion Caves. It’s America’s largest cave and home to the Stellar sea lions. The cave was formed 25 million years ago and is as high as a 12 story building.

The day would not be complete without a visit with my Oregon friend Heather. Here she’ll share her reviews about my new holiday book, Iggy Loo.

Heather writes:  A tender, delightful story of the impressions family traditions have on children. The soft classic Holiday colors illustrated create a story to treasure. Iggy Loo reminds us to embrace family, cherish Holidays and pass on traditions.  

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99

“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 12


In Idaho today! I had to see the craters of the moon! Created over 15,000 years ago by lava flowing from the Great Rift. A sight to see.

And how can one not see the Idaho Potato Museum while in Idaho! The museum is dedicated to you guess it the spud. Did you know a potato is made up of 80% water? I didn’t know there was so much to learn about a potato. Hey, what do you call a baby potato? A small fry! Ha!

Okay, let’s get serious. I headed over to my friend Kayla where she is going to review one of my favorite holiday books, Iggy Loo.

Kayla: Maria Ashworth’s “Iggy Loo” will bring you back to all of your Holiday memories. The little red head knew just what to do with Iggy Loo to conserve his memory and pass him down to her own child. Such a well written children’s book and the pictures add a world of visual that bring the book to life. This is just what is needed to cherish the holidays. I enjoyed the “how to”, it adds a more personable touch to the end. Definitely adding this one to the collection.
http://www.projectmomdotme.wordpress.com, @pretty_L_mamas

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99


“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 11

p20Where here in Montana where my morning started out at 39 degrees. Brr…just like I like it. With such a brisk morning I thought I’d explore Glacier National Park where there is over 1500 square feet of wilderness. A ranger took me to native American Speaks even though they’re closed. He felt bad I came all this way. There the tribes shared their knowledge of the history and culture of Native America. Quite interesting. I think I might come back this winter for their Ranger-led Snowshoe Walk.

I made one pit stop to The Big Dipper. Not the star but for ice cream!  I tried the Mango Habanero Sorbet. Spicy!

My last stop was to visit my friend Lara. She wanted to tell you about my new holiday book Iggy Loo but she’s not answering her door. Maybe I’ll try again later.

So I’ll tell you a bit about my book. I had spent a lifetime in my snow globe being admired by the little redhead. But more than anything, I envied the world that surrounds me and craved to experience life outside my globe. Through one shattering event I got my wish. See what happened next in my holiday picture book.

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99

“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 10

iggy-3Who would of thought you could spend an entire day at a shopping mall? Well you can if it has a theme park! Yes! It’s one of the largest malls in the United States. Roller coasters inside the mall! It’s the largest Nickelodeon Theme Park with 28 rides including a Ferris wheel. I explored SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium Moose and Mountain Adventure Golf. So much to do in one spot.

Then I visited with my friend Meredith to share her review on my book Iggy Loo. Stop here to read, http://www.mommyinleggings.com.

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99

“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 9

iggy-1Yee-haw! I can say that now that I’m in Texas. Here the humidity is high and the people are extra warm. I’m here in the hub of Houston. I spent the morning at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. They Cockrell Butterfly exhibit where they have hundreds of species flying around. Next, I played at the Children’s Museum of Houston. They have a lot of cool hands on exhibits from water play, science and eco-stations. Of course I couldn’t leave without getting some good ol’ Texas BBQ. Boy, I’m stuffed. It’s true, everything’s bigger in Texas!

Finally I stopped in to see my friend William for his review of my holiday book titled Iggy Loo.

William writes: Let me say right off that I really enjoyed the book, as did my boys, Liam (2) and Lucas (4).

The story was entertaining, engaging, and heartfelt. As I read, my children immediately picked up on the enchanting name of the eponymous main character and repeated it to me every time I said it. Lucas even mentioned him after the fact several times.

The illustrations were wonderful. As a designer myself, I enjoyed the consistency of the art and overall page layout. Choi has a nice, delicate design sense and a consistent presentation of vision. Her images matched the story well.

The only issue I had was the font size and weight. It could have been larger and heavier without disrupting the overall design sensibility. Even so, it was not terribly problematic.

The instructions at the end were an inspired idea, by the way!

I’d give Iggy Loo an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99

“Road To Reviews,” Iggy Loo, Day 8

redheadHit the road today and ended up in NOLA. That’s Louisiana. My first stop, The French Quarter where I’m going to dive in for some Cajun and creole food. Then finishing off a plate of Beignets. Then I head to the famous Jackson street where it has the best people watching anywhere. The street performers like human statues to musicians entertain the visitors.  I visited the Old U.S. mint where it is the only building in America that has acted with the United States and Confederate Mint.

One of the biggest holidays in New Orleans is Mardi Gras. First held in 1857. Purple, green and gold were chosen as the colors of Mardi Gras was chosen when a Russian Granmaskstored Duke visited. Purple represents justice. Green represents faith. Gold represents power. Since there are 120 days left until Mardi Gras I should come back and relish in the festivities.

But for now I’m going to enjoy my review with my new friend Lesley, @reviewin_Life, www.thecajunhippiemomma.com on my holiday book, Iggy Loo. 

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Clear Fork Publishing. Ask for it at your local book store and library.
Hard Cover $16.99
Soft Cover $10.99